Fighting for Clean Air

The citizen movement against air pollution in Pakistan drives the clean air movement there in the absence of government action.

Sustainable Asia embarks on an audio journey to key megacities in Asia where the climate crisis is making an already existing toxic air pollution situation… even more unbearable.

In Fighting for Clean Air in Lahore, Ayesha Nasir, a former doctor and journalist, kicked off a mothers’ movement out of concern for children’s health to provide a cleaner environment, and Abid Omar, citizen engineer started an initiative to pump out real-time air quality data for public knowledge. With Rafay Alam, we explore the political and social causes of air pollution. This podcast sheds light on what people can do in their everyday lives to improve the air quality in Lahore, and calls upon the youth of Pakistan’s capital to raise awareness to protect their own future.

Sustainable Asia creates stories about Asia and the environment…that you probably haven’t heard yet. A new perspective on how different countries in Asia are tackling a changing planet.

Sustainable Asia has partnered with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung’s Asia Global Dialogue Programme to develop a five-episode “audio documentary” called Clearing the Air featuring the leading advocate voices for better air in Bangkok, Jakarta, Lahore, New Delhi, Kathmandu and South Korea. The series is called Clearing the Air to add an optimistic tone because of the inspiring stories from many of the citizen movements.